Smalley, B. & Dworetsky, M.M., 1994, Temperature and gravity calibration of uvbyBeta photometry for B, A and F stars, In: IAU XXIInd General Assembly 1994 Posters Abstracts, ed. H. van Woerden, Twin Press, p. 229.


We re-evaluate the fundamental values of Teff determined by Code et al. (1976) with modern flux measurements and Kurucz (1991) model atmospheres. There are no significant changes. We also use eclipsing binaries to obtain fundamental values of log g. Observed spectra of over 50 stars are used to calibrate a grid of synthetic beta values. The new values of beta are in remarkably good agreement with observed values for the fundamental stars.

These results are used to perform a completely new analysis of the calibration of Teff and log g in terms of uvbyBeta photometry to produce new grids similar to those presented by Moon & Dworetsky (1985). The improvements place the calibrations on a much firmer basis, but the actual values of Teff and log g are not very much different.

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