Smalley, B. & Dworetsky, M.M., 1991, The effective temperatures of late A and early F stars from Balmer line profiles. In: Evolution of Stars: The Photospheric Abundance Connection, Posters presented at IAU Symposium 145, eds. Michaud, G., Tutukov, A. & Bergevin, M., University of Montreal, p. 47 - 48.


We have obtained the effective temperatures of 50 late A and early F stars, including several Am stars, from theoretical fits to their Hbeta and Hgamma Balmer line profiles. Values of Teff obtained from the Balmer lines have been compared to those found by using empirically calibrated uvby photometry and to those found by fitting model atmosphere flux distributions to observed optical and ultraviolet spectrophotometry. We find very good agreement with the semi-empirically calibrated (beta, c0) grid of Moon & Dworetsky (1985), but the spectrophotometric methods are in general seriously affected by metallicity effects.